litter boxes in schools for furries in maine

Lia Russell is a reporter on the city desk for the Bangor Daily News. But an NBC News investigation determined this was untrue. A rumor about workers at Bath Iron Works identifying as furries and demanding litter boxes in place of bathrooms also plagued the shipyard last fall. The latest claim appears to originate in an October episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast where host Joe Rogan told former U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard a story about litter boxes at an unidentified school. Theres the bathroom debate where some parents believe that children should be allowed to use whatever bathroom they feel like, instead of the one their biology leads them to for safety and anatomically correct facilities (urinals for boys, etc). Watch this amazing video of a mother fisher rounding up its kits, Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic. (They're building litter boxes Public schools in Maine and across the country have been plaguedby false allegations that they have been forced to provide litter boxes for children who identify as animals, sometimes erroneously called furries. [42] Later in the same month, two Republican lawmakers in the Minnesota House of Representatives, Steve Drazkowski and Tim Miller, repeated debunked stories about schools providing litter boxes in a debate about a statewide student survey. [36][37], In 2016, American radio show host Michael L. Brown wrote an opinion piece in The Christian Post opposing to transgender accommodations and gender-affirming procedures, stating, "if we don't stop this downward slide, we might soon be required to provide litter boxes for people who identify as cats. Lin h vi chng ti c sa dng dch v min ph. ngoi ra chng ti cung cp dch v t vn min ph v marketing, cng ngh, Seo v cc vn i sng. @Go2Tutors is a service mark of Go2Tutors LLC. Cats, dogs, etc. Rumors that Maine school districts have been forced to provide litter boxes to animal-. [5] Jensen said: "But what about education? [76] In Tennessee, state senator Janice Bowling made the litter box claim during a committee meeting and characterized it as "growing crisis" state and local officials countered that it was false information. Vance, Christian talk show host Bill Cunningham said that schools were providing litter boxes for students to defecate in. [81][82], In October 2022, Illinois Republican congressional candidate in the 11th district Catalina Lauf reacted to a CNN news story about Jensen's false claim, saying on Twitter, "this is not a hoax and is happening in schools in Illinois, too". schools meant to ridicule trans community, advocates say", "Litter Boxes and Election Lies: Marjorie Taylor Greene's Unhinged Trip to the Trump Rally", "Anti-trans litter box rumor is 'harming our LGBTQ+ kids,' advocates say", "Transphobes Are Worried Schools Are Installing Litterboxes for "Furry" Students", "Andrew Mullin: Recent Midland 'furry' scare is transphobia in disguise", "Rumours about students identifying as cats are rooted in hate, says P.E.I. More examples of posts resharing the clip can be seen (here), (here), (here) and (here).Related posts make the claim without mention of Rogan (here) and (here).In the clip, Rogan claims to know a friend whose wife works at, Congressional candidate touted debunked myths, but now , Congressional candidate touted debunked myths, but now says it was a mistake Sign In: Election 2022 Posted October 13 Updated October 13 increase font size Ed Thelander, who is running against U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, D-1st District, repeated debunked social media rumors about litter boxes being placed in schools for students who dress and behave like cats. =>, Why: Litter boxes in schools for furries in maine? [62][63] In New York, administrators for Dansville Central School refuted litter box rumors after an Instagram post received thousands of views. If litter particles end up in the food or water bowl, they may get eaten and cause your cats to become sick. Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer Ed Thelander, a Republican who is challenging Democratic U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree for her 1st-District seat, repeated a debunked social media myth that litter boxes are being put in school bathrooms to accommodate furries people who dress in animal costumes. =>, Address: Litter boxes in schools for furries in maine, where? WebThis one keeps popping up and it's time I did some investigative reporting! ", "Conservatives Are Obsessed With This Lie About Students Identifying as Furries", "Folklorist: Sky View High School litter box rumor follows pattern of 'urban legends', "Opinion | America Is Being Consumed by a Moral Panic Over Trans People", "Culture wars take center stage in Tudor Dixon's education proposals", "Trans athletes, book bans: How school elections became political battlefields", "Did Salem-Keizer allow a student who identifies as a cat to bring a litter box to school? [48], In December 2021, conservative activist Lisa Hansen[6] in Michigan gave public testimony before the Midland Public Schools school board as it discussed COVID-19 testing requirements for students,[13] claiming she was informed that litter boxes had been added in bathrooms for students who "identify as cats", along with claiming that it was a "nationwide" issue and that there was an "agenda that is being pushed". => Read More, Sep 1, 2022False claims are circulating that Sprague High School has litter boxes for students in its bathrooms. Maine Journal News did not respond to a message seeking comment. Among those who had promoted the hoax and prevailed in their races included the incumbents U.S. Did Senator Bostleman make a mistake about furries in school? "[5], Jensen's campaign declined media requests to substantiate the litter box claim, which the Minnesota Department of Education and several school districts refuted. =>, When: Litter boxes in schools for furries in maine? In Minnesota, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen repeated the false rumor in a campaign speech about gender identity issues. [112], Virginia Chamlee of People said that Bolduc's repeating of the false claims during his political campaign may have alienated moderate voters and led to his defeat by Maggie Hassan in the race for a New Hampshire United States Senate seat. In actuality, there are a handful of them, theyre pretty discreet, they dont use litter boxes, and theyre not having orgies on the premises during working hours. Supposedly they are talking about furries in these towns meetings, the meetings are not up to date, I will update you all on the progress and keep an eye on this. Where to Put Your Cats Litter Box. Thelander, reached on Thursday, said he, Joe Rogan admits schools don't have litter boxes for kids who , Joe Rogan admits schools dont have litter boxes for kids who identify as furriesJoe Rogan has acknowledged spreading misinformation after he suggested that elementary schools were installing litter boxes for students who identify as furries.The sensationalist urban legend was rooted in the rights continued attacks on trans and gender non-conforming youth.Rogan, the Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert, and the Minnesota Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen all swore they had heard stories of schools across the US changing their bathroom policies to accommodate wannabe felines. Raichik, whose identity was revealed in an April 19 Washington Post article, has more than 1 million Twitter followers and her posts are often reshared on other social media like Facebook, where they can reach even more people. Bangor woman killed in murder-suicide remembered as a caring friend. [9] A school official said there was a request for cat litter in one school, but it was denied by the school board and that they did not recognize animal identities. =>, Litter boxes in schools for furries in maine How much/ how much is it? It is made up. Are Schools Putting Litter Boxes In Bathrooms For Furries? =>, Which: Litter boxes in schools for furries in maine is better? By Jessica Marie Baumgartner [15], As the hoax spread widely in the United States and garnered media attention, online rumors spread to several other Canadian provinces and schools. A Michigan school district has debunked a wild claim that a school provided litter boxes for students who identified as "furries" people who dress up as [70], In August 2022, rumors of litter boxes were directed at two high schools in South Carolina. Yes, but no litter boxes", "High school principal says there's no truth to rumor of litter boxes for student said to self-identify as a cat", "Post about Indiana school's 'otherkin' policy is satirical", "Fake post about litter boxes at KHS goes viral", "Republicans falsely claim schools are providing litter boxes for students identifying as cats", "Nebraska lawmaker apologizes for debunked litter box claim", "Republican senator apologises for pedalling 'ugly' rumour about furries and litter boxes", "No, Maine students aren't using litter boxes in school", "Hannibal School Board adopts vaping policy and learns its school restrooms are furry-free", "Congressional candidate touted debunked myths, but now says it was a mistake", "Fact check: No, Horry schools did not provide litter boxes for students who identify as cats", "Marjorie Taylor Greene spouts debunked right-wing conspiracies at Pennsylvania rally", "Ganahl Falsely Claims That Kids Are 'Identifying as Cats All Over Colorado & Schools Are Tolerating It', "Ohio Board of Education Delays Vote on Anti LGBTQ+ Resolution", "Tennessee school officials: No, we did not give litter boxes to students identifying as furries", "NK school officials deny claims of litter boxes in schools", "School districts address 'false rumors' of students using litter boxes, behaving like cats", "Principals respond after 'kitty litter' hoax hits school district in Indiana County", "Scott Jensen repeats debunked claim about litter boxes in schools", "Scott Jensen repeats right-wing hoax about cat litter in schools", "Replying to @KFILEAndrew with all due respect, this is not a hoax and is happening in schools in Illinois, too", "Republican congressional candidate Lauf stands by debunked claim about schools and litter boxes", Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, Illinois), "Rep. Lauren Boebert not a shoo-in for November race: poll", "North Carolina school district discussing 'furry' ban amid hoax calls about students dressing as animals", "Fact check: Are there litter boxes in NC schools for students dressed as furries? Plenty of parents are flat out confused and taken aback at how far public schools are willing to push their own political rhetoric instead of teaching core classes like reading, writing, science, and math which have been the foundation of a well-rounded education long before the United States was founded. The school board has made a series of locally unpopular decisions lately (the mascot redesign, masking policies, school consolidation and construction). [51][52] The superintendent for the school district of Midland Public Schools described the claims as false, stating "There is no truth whatsoever to this false statement [] There have never been litter boxes within MPS schools". They are reports of multiple cats, a gorilla and possibly a I read an article that said the rumors (which all I found about it are just that, rumors) are founded in hate for transgender ppl which I find d is probably wrong. ", "School district denies litter boxes for students identifying as 'furries', "Herald Sun story about schoolgirl identifying as a cat goes viral but lacks evidence", "Local Opinion: Kids get schooled in politics", "School litter box fever will not die in Iowa", "ICYMI NBC: 20+ Politicians Promote Bizarre Claim That Youth Are Identifying as Cats", "Jensen spreads false rumor about Minnesota's LGBTQ+ youth", "School installs litter boxes and promises more cat-friendly policies after increase in 'feline-identifying' students", "John Oliver Exposes GOP's Most 'Heartbreakingly Stupid' Anti-Trans Talking Point", "Debunking, rebuttals didn't stop claim about litter boxes in schools from spreading before midterms", "These Candidates Pushed 2022's Dumbest ConspiracySchoolkids Using Litter BoxesAnd Many (But Not All) Lost Big", "Lindsey Graham Says Midterm Elections Are 'Definitely Not a Republican Wave, That's for Darn Sure', 9 questions about furries you were too embarrassed to ask, Fur-mongering: Fake news about children 'identifying' as animals is the latest stunt being pushed by so-called parental rights advocates, Colorado GOP Governor Candidate Latest To Fall For Student 'Furries' HoaxHere's How Many Others Have Been Duped, The 'Litter Box in Schools' Lie Is a Litmus Test for Idiots, What are 'furries?' Naming the school district and then it later appeared the superintendent denied this. Which both are true.. The teacher said in a later videothat she was not fired and that the story was false. Add baking soda to the litter: Surprisingly, baking soda is a great all-natural deodorizer that is both safe for cats and can help manage the litter box smell. One man requested information from Regional School Unit 54 in the Skowhegan area about its stance on allowing students who identify as animals to be an exception to [the] dress code, according to minutes from an Oct. 21 school board meeting. [86] The school district, along with nearby Lincoln County Schools, said there was no evidence of litter boxes being used on campuses. Officials confirmed this is not true. [35] In 2022, parents and advocacy groups across the U.S. made a concerted push to ban books from libraries, predominantly those discussing race, sexuality, and gender. They failed to recognize the fact that the hero called Maines first-time homebuyers cant get a foot in the door, Press J to jump to the feed. [109] Television show host John Oliver debunked litter box claims on the episode of Last Week Tonight that aired on October 24, 2022. [81], Australian satirical website Damascus Dropbear published a new fake story in August 2022 about a school in Melbourne providing litter boxes. [46] The same month, the education director of the Lambton-Kent District School Board dispelled litter box rumors. Someone in Maine Won the $1.35 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot. Pediatricians Say Children With Head Lice Should Remain In School, College Applications and Scholarships: How to Keep it All Organized, Trigonometry: Resources to Help When Your Textbook Falls Short. [99] Hayes Brown, an MSNBC opinion columnist, said it was unclear if politicians spreading the rumors actually believed them or not, but that either way the act of repeating the rumors was "to the detriment of trans kids". [a][8] In October 2022, in response to a letter that was sent to local media, administrators for the Renfrew County District School Board or Renfrew County Catholic District School Board in Ontario issued statements that their schools "do not have, and have never had, litter boxes in any of our elementary or secondary sites". ?Check out where your cat spends the most time,? Knowing this, its no wonder that people now have to ask themselves questions like: are schools putting litter boxes in bathrooms for furries? In Pennsylvania, Maine, Michigan, and Iowa in recent months, school board meetings have been disrupted by allegations that educators are giving special treatment to So, my parents were saying that a school board in Skowhegan, or, doesn't really matter, had a meeting to allow kids who identify as furries to defecate and pee in school. The litter boxes in schools hoax (also called the litter box canard)[1][2] is a false rumor alleging that certain North American schools provide litter boxes in bathrooms for students who "identify as cats", or who participate in the furry or otherkin subcultures. [91] Several school officials in San Luis Obispo County, California, had to refute false litter box rumors, which may have emanated from the promulgation of the hoax by radio show host Joe Rogan. Logic isn't connecting for me, nor can I google anything about itit, but I am baffled as to why conservatives in our area are now obsessed with furries. School districts in Iowa, => Read More, Litter box at maine school town councle. Lets learn more about Litter boxes in schools for furries in maine in this article, May 20, 2022Public schools in Maine and across the country have been plagued by false allegations that they have been forced to provide litter boxes for. Send tips to Missing the ice? Parent heroes will TAKE BACK our schools, Michigan Republican Party co-chair Meshawn Maddock said in aJan. 20 Facebook post. Maine, the way life should be. [77] In Rhode Island, Mary Brimer, a Republican town council member for North Kingstown, posted on social media that two local students were identifying as cats and were being accommodated with litter boxes in school restrooms the superintendent of the local school district said the rumors were false. (Though officials in Colorados Jefferson county school district said in 2017 they did keep litter in closets as an emergency go bucket, in the event that a student needed to relieve themselves while in emergency lockdown. By Jessica Marie Heres how that happened.At a luncheon for Republican women in Mesa County, Colorado, last week, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., warned that educators are putting litter boxes in schools for people who identify as cats.To a person not steeped in the culture war battles over gender identity that have engulfed school districts nationwide, its the kind of claim that would sound bizarre and confusing and, from high-profile GOP members, authoritative. [94], Several news media and fact-checking organizations have debunked the claims that schools were providing litter boxes to students to use in restrooms as unsubstantiated. [61], In April 2022, a satirical post of a fake e-mail went viral, claiming that Kokomo High School in Indiana was allowing students identifying as animals to have "special accommodations and certain privileges", including litter boxes in bathrooms. =>, Procedural Instructions: Litter boxes in schools for furries in maine =>, How to Litter boxes in schools for furries in maine? It doesnt take much for content from niche sites to reach mainstream audiences and become a legitimate concern for people who dont know their origin or whether theyre false, Friedberg said. My mom is democratic and my dad is a full blown trumper. This might mean: A suit jacket and, Work from home part time jobs, Amazon online jobs work from home no experience, Amazon work from home jobs, Part, To keep their jobs, Amazon's delivery drivers are required consent to biometric monitoring, according to multiple reports. [6][20], Furries are a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters, with fandom members frequently often interacting with others through online roleplay, art, conventions and cosplay. The parents against paying teachers a fair wage showed up to the school board meeting and started yelling about this stuff. Fact check: Are furries getting litter boxes in schools? I heard people at the diner making the claims, and then there had to be hysterical school board meeting about it. Rogan offered no evidence to support the claim,[88] which was circulated on social media and shared on Instagram by the Libs of TikTok account. [6][19] Rogan said in an interview with Uproxx several weeks later that "it doesn't seem that there's any proof that they put a litter box in there", but also claimed that "there w[ere] discussions about doing it because there was one particularly wacky mother". [92] Rogan subsequently admitted to spreading misinformation. Grabbed the quote because my god I'm curious. A Michigan superintendent had to refute a wild rumor that a litter box was provided in a school bathroom for students who identify as cats last week after a video of a parent raising the claim at a school board meeting spread on social media. Harmful misinformation WebIt's insane. Weve never had to deal with it, as no such thing has ever happened in our schools, he said. By mixing a little bit of baking soda with the litter, you can help absorb any urine odors also. The BIW furriesthe stories going around about them just keep getting more and more bizarre. They cant acknowledge real issues because that would mean copping to the libs, but theyre still angry about their situations and they need something to be angry at, so they have to make shit up to say thats whats really ruining this country. UMaine Farmington faculty declare no confidence in university system chancellor, Assault complaint leads to police standoff in Industry, Schools and town offices closed to public after stabbing reported in Winslow, Kennebunkport residents warned about suspected mail thieves committing check fraud, Hermon council may spend $5,000 to survey residents on library book policy, Chellie Pingree wantsfederal probe into propane propaganda, Belfastcouncil doesnt know how to help people who need affordable housing, claimed her school district fired her for not meowing back, revealed in an April 19 Washington Post article, Maine woman battles challenging river conditions to land a trophy trout, Maines Mega Millions winner would be richer if they gotthe ticket a mile away, An explanation and an apology for Martin Luther KingJr. editorial. When a clip of the interview circulated widely in the media in October, Thelander said, "I don't believe it now", and that he was unable to corroborate the rumors he had heard from others. ", "DDSB among boards quashing online rumours litter boxes have been added to washrooms", "False stories of litter boxes in P.E.I. In September 2022, during a rally for former president Donald Trump, congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene promoted the rumors while she was interviewed by RSBN. She says ", "How the conservative parents' rights movement fueled by LGBTQ backlash is shaping Heidi Ganahl's campaign", "Book Ban Efforts Spread Across the U.S.", "Debunked School Restroom Litter Box Claims Resurface With New Year", "Roseburg Public Schools responds to 'furry' controversy", "Meade County schools deal with unusual situation: Students dressing and acting like cats", "Fact check: No, a Michigan public school did not provide litter boxes for students identifying as cats", "Claim about litter boxes in New York school is unfounded", "Colorado School District Providing Kitty Litter Buckets for Kids to Use the Bathroom During Lockdowns", "JeffCo schools have emergency buckets where people can pee during lockdowns", "Litter boxes for students in bathrooms? In one segment of the video, below, at 33 minutes into the video ( the video on this page Litter box at maine school town councle | TikTok Search, Furries allowed to defecate in schools : r/Maine Reddit, All you need to know about: No, Maine students arent using litter boxes in school WGME, litter boxes in schools for furries in maine, Litter boxes in schools for furries in maine, What happens when you get a copyright claim? latest updated news today, What is i cant believe its not butter made of? latest updated news today, 2023 In 2021 and 2022, various American conservative and far-right politicians and media personalities promoted the hoax in response to several school districts enacting protections for transgender students. No school ever had litter boxes for students who identify as animals. Its amazing they have a school to even be arguing over. =>, Litter boxes in schools for furries in maine how much interest? Thelander also attracted criticism this week for unrelated comments he made during a lobster industry rally in Portland on Wednesday. de Jong says. Pratt belongs to the Facebook group Furries of Portland Maine, which has 252 members. Therefore, with a new kitten, owners usually need to simply show the kitten where the litter box is located, and how to get in and out. Ahead of the 2022 elections, several prominent American politicians and media personalities spread the hoax, including Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia[11] and Lauren Boebert of Colorado,[16] Minnesota Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen,[5] retired brigadier general and US Senate candidate Don Bolduc,[17] podcast host Joe Rogan (who later clarified there was no "proof that they put a litter box" in a particular school),[18][19] Chaya Raichik of Libs of TikTok,[6] and Christian talk show host Bill Cunningham. Furries at a convention tormented by a lady furries have got to get better character design imo. [96] Two fact-checking assessment by Reuters, in July 2022 and again in October 2022, concluded that there was no evidence that schools were officially recognizing the animal expressions of students participating in the furry fandom trend or accommodating students with litter boxes. Schools scramble to get ahead of 'furry' internet hoax", "Students in local schools identify as animals but no litter boxes exist", "Lambton school trustee candidate buys into urban myth of students "presenting as cats", "There are no human-size litter boxes in CCRCE schools", "Midland Public Schools December 2021 Board of Education Meeting", "Litter Boxes for Students Who Identify as Furries? Outside? I heard about that one. Drag Queen story hour has presented children with the idea that its perfectly normal for grown men to dress like glitter fairy princesses. [50] The video was also shared by Libs of TikTok, a politically influential right-wing Twitter account of Chaya Raichik with several hundred-thousand followers. It sure seems to have been done to further damage the opinion of the school board. [111], Many of the prominent American politicians seeking public office who promoted the hoax were defeated in the 2022 elections. [16][6][85] In North Carolina, Iredell-Statesville Schools considered a ban on students wearing furry costumes, in part due to the burden of staff having to refute unsubstantiated rumors about litter boxes in restrooms. The Brewer School Department received questions over the winter about rumors that its schools provided litter boxes to children who identified as cats and other animals, Superintendent Gregg Palmer said. ", "GOP legislator backtracks on claims students meow, bark, use litter boxes", "Minnesota GOP nominee for governor claimed kids are using litter boxes in schools it's an internet hoax", "How an urban myth about litter boxes in schools became a GOP talking point", "Did a Michigan School District Install Litter Boxes in Bathrooms? That was, at least, how this fetish began. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. The Brewer School Department received questions over the winter about rumors that its schools provided litter boxes to children who identified as cats and other animals, Superintendent Gregg Palmer said. [6], In May 2022, during a televised debate on a bill in the Nebraska legislature, the Republican state senator Bruce Bostelman claimed that "schools are wanting to put litter boxes in the schools" for students who were furries. Most cats require little training to use their litter box, because cats have a natual desire to dig and bury their waste. Two furry community conventionstook place in South Portland in 2018 and 2019. [78] Local education officials in South Carolina[79] and Pennsylvania[80] issued public statements to refute local and national rumors that litter boxes were being provided in schools. [93] As he endorsed two local school board candidates, Indiana Republican state representative Robert Morris falsely claimed schools were providing "litter boxes in bathrooms for students identifying as animals". We assured folks that it had never happened in our schools and that was the end of it. Public schools in Maine and across the country have been plaguedby false allegations that they have been forced to provide litter boxes for children who identify as, Chellie Pingree's GOP challenger claimed schools provide , Chellie Pingrees GOP challenger claimed schools provide litter boxes to students Maine Republican 1st District Congressional hopeful Ed Thelander speaks at a lobstermens rally on the Portland waterfront on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN A Republican congressional candidate who said that litter boxes are being placed in school bathrooms to accommodate children who identify as animals has walked back that statement, according to the Portland Press Herald.Ed Thelander, who is challenging Democratic U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree in Maines 1st District, had made the comments in July on an alternative conservative website, and a clip of the interview circulated this week, according to the Portland newspaper.

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