list 9 important characteristics a president should possess

Please share your comments or stories below. Patience & Tenacity. A socially unaware or dispassionate president may still accomplish much, but he will have missed what would have made him special, which is social compassionone of the most fundamental elements of the Gospel. As a leading influence on the economy, the President has the responsibility and the opportunity to ensure that the peoples money is spent on what is truly productive and consistent with the spiritual laws of increase, which means that any money spent in the name of progress that does not promote systemic improvement and sustainability is money that is ultimately wasted. When a president is spiritually buoyant he will have the necessary optimism and faith to impart to the people the goodness and hope that is inherent in the dream of America. Sense of Timing. Gen. George Patton or Mahatma Gandhi? Encouraging the free expression of the religious faith, which in turn positively impacts the whole culture. Most presidents were white male Protestant. Good leaders facilitate genuine conversations meaningful human-to-human connections and bring people together to work and gain agreement in order to achieve goals. In order for a society to be healthy and stable, it must first place a premium on character, for without character it is impossible for society to function in a healthy manner since every interaction within society, to some degree or another, is dependent on the character of its people. Accountability. He has to have the skill necessary to follow through on his promises and translate his position into policy. The consequences of him doing so will not necessarily be experienced immediately, but will be devastatingly so in the near future. In our modern world there are far too many polluting agencies that destroy our planet and that cause our environment to be an unhealthy one. President Obama shares a beer with Jennifer Klanac, left, and Suzanne Woods at Ziggys Pub and Restaurant in Amherst, Ohio, in July during an unannounced visit while on a bus tour. Therefore, an effective president will take time and learn as much as he can about these disciplines. Patriotic Therefore if a leader is highly creative as well as ethical, no traditional definition of him will be adequate to describe him, and a new, more enlightened one will evolve one that is positive and expansive, rather than negative and contracting. Strong in Character Reflect on the skills of some of our greatest presidents and how they can be applied to your job search. Environmental protection first and foremost translates into human life protection. document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Share your experience with Vida Aventura. President Obama must attack the Republican CongressJohn Boehner one day, Paul Ryan the next. We can all learn a thing or two from fellow President Clintons refusal to admit to a certain a mistake. Emotions, both positive and negative, are a fundamental part of who we are, and ignoring or suppressing them is harmful. An unfit government is good at collecting and spending money, but not earning it. Source: Make your case for skills that are important and why you think so. He has a mind that is trained to know truth and apportion it accurately according to authentic needs. How supporters of each candidate view their choice seems to have a lot to do with whats important to them, ideologically. 1960 First Roman Catholic president. He does not ignore the wrongs of our nation, but believes that the best way to correct these wrongs is to get the country back to, and deeper into, its founding values and highest course. 6 Roles of a President It would seem obvious that a president should be patriotic, but in truth not all political leaders are necessarily so. Web9. Honesty is the fundamental trait a president should possess. Socially Conscious and Compassionate Fiscally Efficient and Sound Must be natural born citizen. Every dollar that the government spends that goes to merely managing problems rather than going towards permanently solving those problems, represents poor use of money and a missed opportunity for growth. Creativity in and of itself connotes positive, useful action, and therefore encompasses both spiritual and natural talent and knowledge. Presidential campaigns are fantastical places. Though he was paralyzed from the waist down and had lost the use of his legs, his political career had hardly even begun. Giving and receiving feedback can feel uncomfortable, but failing to do so could seriously hurt the company or organization. Challengers vow to show leadership, but that Addressing social problems centers on meeting the legitimate needs of the people and dealing with the specific challenges and conditions that are detrimental to human life, and that create the problems within society in the first place. By understanding the principles of life and health, he will be able to direct the nation in paths that are sustainable and truly productive. WebThe 24 Qualities of a Great Leader and a Great President. There will be numerous situations and decisive times in the life and course of our nation that will overwhelm the individual who lacks faith; and with only his own resources to rely on, he will either falter and retreat to political correctness, or panic and act stubbornly or foolishly. Of course, a college The American presidency is not a monarchy, but a position of leadership within an overall structure of collaborative government. It does the country no good for compromises between the two parties when one or both parties have fundamental character flaws leading to a resistance of truth and excellence. Among his supporters,President Donald Trump projects strength. Character relates to the solidity of the virtue, faith, and goodness at the core of an individual. Spiritually True (Active, Strong Faith) Strong in Character. Isnt one of these more important than the other? WebNo matter the job market, its crucial to stay committed to your goals, while trying to stay positive and level-headed. Rutherford B. Hayes wanted to be so free of the taint of self-interest he didnt even vote for himself in the election of 1876. When a president has passion, he exerts energy from the core of his being in the execution of his office. The ability to solve real problems in real time is a special skill and talent that so many career politicians lack today. This fire makes him human, and in his humanity, he is able to lead with true heart and soul. Republicansseem tovalue strength(76% percent say its important), and Democrats valuehonesty (81%) and competence (77%). Demonstrate your respect and trust for the American people; 3. Each man proved to the American people that he was right for the job, and tried to continually showcase his best traits. As mentioned, the president must be comfortable interfacing with many diverse people that could range 2. Unchecked inefficiencies and practices will hamper growth. True experience is not measured by merely being in a particular position over a period of time, as anybody can occupy a job in an undistinguished fashion. An engaged leader listens intently because he is concerned for what the other person has to tell only a fraction of who they are or what they are capable of. WebA leader must have integrity. Passion ensures authenticity, and authenticity allows the people to trust in what they see in their President. All rights reserved. We can all agree that a president should be a leader, but what does that mean? How are they with uncertainty? Wise The best leaders take full responsibility for their teams performance, whether the outcome is good or bad. Presidents who cannot find it hard to be strong leaders. Notorious for his repartee, he has managed to dish out light-hearted, witty one-liners to cheeky press and pedestrians attempting to shock or catch him off-guard. They also strengthen relationships, build trust, improve teamwork and show employees that they care. "Talk straight" and honestly to the American people; 2. The goal of a true leader and great President, when it comes to his gathering of source information, is to arrive at the truth in all matters of consequence concerning the governance and life of the nation, and to practically apply that truth in the appropriate policiesregardless of party loyalties and pressure from other interests. In evaluating this list, it is important to realize that these qualities are all interrelated and interdependent, each one complements the others and builds on the whole persona and capability of the President. Do they know how to hire a good team? There are 12 individualtraits and behaviorsevery American president should possessto be the nation's Commander in Chief. The President of the United States is epitomic of the people, and therefore it is paramount that he display to a high degree the ideal character that enlightened citizenry should desire. Richard Weintraub, Esq. A truly progressive leader is going to at once conserve that which is essential to be conserved, while always seeking to improve upon all aspects of American life. Because of this, the President must be proactive, both in word and deed, in protecting the air, water, and land that the people depend on for their very health and life. Problem Solver In fact when a president promotes any agenda that goes against the essential tenets of God and life, he has already sold the people and the nation out, and even though the consequences may not be apparent at first, disaster is sure to follow. How will he manage that and take on repealing health care? Practiceand provideaccountability:The buck stops with youas Commander in Chief of the American people; I0. Deliver results - i.e. With the presidential primaries and election looming in 2020, there will be plenty of pundits, analysts and writers talking about the candidates, and debating which ones will most likely make the best leaders. It was easier to slug John McCain again and again. A great president can inspire the people to be great, and it is the largesse of the American people that will have the greatest long term impact on society in terms of civility, social functionality and social cohesion. Conscientious Someone conscientious is careful and takes purposeful action. While we live in a free country, it does not mean that the Constitution was set up to protect the violating of moral and spiritual laws. However, you are a candidate up for a job against other equally qualified professionals. Any free and enlightened society has a mandate and necessity to place a premium on character as a core value. The usual proposed remedy for the sorry state of our presidential campaigns is more focus on the issues. Sometimes it is better to have someone whose experience includes time spent outside of a political setting in order to gain the necessary life skills to be used inside a political setting. Because the environment and our natural resources are a the primal basis for life and health, the proper care of them is one of the few absolutes of national leadership that a great president, and indeed all members of Congress, must be knowledgeable of and active in. Accountability. Therefore if Government is allowed to remove the giver of freedom (God) from the national consciousness, especially the educational and legal systems, then the people will eventually lose all their freedom. Trustthe opinionsandviewpointsoftheAmericanpeople. Lewis said: Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.. As suggested in the section entitled Americas Greatest Deception, future presidents will inherit a whole collection of problems beyond human capability to solve, and will not be in office for more than a moment in time before running headlong into new and unheard of perplexities. Confidence. In a world where misinformation and dishonesty is increasingly becoming the norm, it is essential that the communication of leaders be all the more honest, timely, and straightforward. Creative And while both the office of the presidency and our times are unique, the forces of human nature and spiritual warfare are not. If a president does not see the big picture of life in real terms, he will create imbalance by favoring one side of an equation at the expense of the other, and thereby inevitably create injustice for those who otherwise were perfectly within the natural and spiritual order to receive justice. What constitutes natural rights is that they are given by God, and cannot be taken away by Government. Consistent with this ability is the acumen and desire to surround himself with the brightest and best people in all positions of leadership and advisement. A great American president needs to have the general welfare of our wonderful country as his leading special interest. Related: Why Is Empathy Important in the Workplace? It is this demand for foresight gained through faith that explains why so few leaders lead from the cutting edge, and why most lead from behind. Based on my experience, here are nine abilities and skills that great leaders have in common, regardless of title or position. Wise men considered Carters meteoric rise proof that he was a political genius. In order for a president to be successful in real terms he must be able to work well with others. Presidents must be open to new solutions. Another idea for improving campaigns is to focus more on the character of candidates, which may get us closer to understanding how they would operate in the Oval Office. True experience is gained from being in a deeper place of rightful achievement accomplished against opposition. By the very nature of his office, a president is essentially the countrys spokesman. Furthermore, a leader who knows in depth about the world around him, and understands the various nuances of life issues can address these issues in the most accurate and effectual way for the people. WebConfidence. Because of this lack of serious attention, Americans have typically failed to identify and enumerate a clear set of high standards and qualities that we the people should expect, admire, and strongly desire in our President as well as our Senators and Congressmen. 8. What are the best ways to size up our presidential candidates? In their day, no man worthy of the presidency would ever stoop to campaigning for it. A non-Progressive president idles the country into a prolonged period of stagnation. Challengers vow to show leadership, but that amounts to little more than saying theyll magically pass the vast programs theyre promising. Post author: Post published: May 28, 2022 Post category: neurologmottagning stockholm Post comments: butinox terfrsljare butinox terfrsljare That raises questions about his priorities and how he sets them. He has to believe that you will do whatever you can to make his situation better. In 1974, Jimmy Carter was such a political unknown that no one on the game show Whats My Line recognized him. He is one that has overcome the same pressure that has tried every leader of true worth down through the ages. A patriotic president is someone who truly loves America; he feels the honor and purity of our nations ideals deep within his being. It was a courageous generation that brought America into existence, and it will take future generations of courageous Americans to uphold the countrys greatness. It is his passion that burns away the political correctness or selfish ambition that renders most politicians ineffectual. The unnatural control of any public institution is generally preceded by misinformation disseminated among the populace. A president who lacks character cannot ultimately gain the respect of the country, and therefore cannot bring the people together at the highest level. To be vision driven is to win the competition of what is good, right, and best for the country over and against what is politically correct, insipid, and unhealthy for the country.

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